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How can I get a home loan?

Mortgage loan is the type of loan applied by those who want to own a house. So can every applicant get the loan amount he wants? In line with the credit rating, applicants for housing loans can have the amount they wish. Individuals can learn their credit ratings through the e-government inquiry system. What is Read More

Will renting an apartment help my credit score?

Your monthly rent is one of the most important bills you pay every month. All these timely rental payments should count for something, right? In a sense, renting an apartment is like a 12-month loan that returns in monthly installments. At least that’s a landlord’s excuse when they check a credit report before renting an Read More

Sms loans despite payment remarks

One thing that sms lenders are criticized for is that they grant sms loans to people who have payment notes. First, it must be clear that not all sms lenders do, but it is not uncommonly unusual. So what do we think of Good Finance about it then? We think it is perfectly right that Read More

Overpayment of current credit obligations

“Family 500+” is a program thanks to which, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, approximately 2.7 million families in Poland will receive additional funds. In total, in 2016, about 3.7 million children will receive such support, which only this year translates into about USD 17 billion of additional Read More

9000 USD credit.

With a small loan from Creambank, financial bottlenecks can be quickly compensated. A 9000 USD loan can be applied for directly from Spin Lender or from the Creambank website. For example, if you want to take out an amount of 9,000 USD over a period of 48 months as a borrower, Creambank is particularly worthy Read More

Government Agency loan amortization plan: online calculation

How to calculate the Government Agency loan amortization plan? The evaluation of the financing opportunities passes from the calculation of the loan, so as to understand if the installment is sustainable and if it is a convenient proposal. Social Institute provides you with all the tools to develop a personalized refund project. Calculating ex Government Read More